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kupaga villas  - Our story

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It was the combination of white sand beaches, waving palm trees and Zanzibari 'pole pole' culture with which we fell in love. Synchronously, the idea of opening a hotel had started to form during our holiday and light jokes turned into serious conversations. Sitting here, we could see a place of tropical serenity where guests would come to relax and enjoy the hakuna matata way of life.​ We ventured our way into the unknown in June 2017 when construction started and by December 2018 we toasted to the fulfillment of our dream.

The origin of our name is something that many guests ask about; Jambiani and some of the surrounding villages are home to the Kupaga family, who are large and established in the south east of the island. We wanted to warmly welcome our guests with respect for and in cooperation with its local inhabitants and we feel that our name is an expression of that mindset.


Our core values are Authenticity, Sustainability and Hospitality. Our mission is to provide relaxing moments and enriching experiences to our guests, true and exclusive to the local culture. We aim to do this all while contributing to the preservation of ecological habitats and to the social and economic development of our communities.


In essence, we believe that Zanzibar, more than anything, is a feeling. It is a place out of space and time where you - willingly or unwillingly, but inevitably – relax.


Welcome to all, or as we say in Kiswahili;



The Kupaga Team

Our values


We believe that an authentic, unique and memorable stay enhances the travel experience. Zanzibar is a destination with a rich history, culture and community. We aim to showcase all of these in the hotel and restaurant by using local products, supporting local businesses and communities and exhibiting local architecture, art and craftsmanship. Our guests can witness and participate in village life; watching the women tend to seaweed farms or make coconut rope, see the fishermen return or watch the children play football on the bach.


While tourism bring many employment and educational opportunities, the impact of climate change is noticeable and even more so in small coastal communities in developing countries such as Jambiani. As a business, we are aware of increased responsibility in making sure we reduce our footprint as much as possible and protect local ecosystems and wildlife. This is why, among other things, we buy responsibly caught fish from local fishermen, aim to eliminate single use plastic and donate monthly to local beach cleaning projects. 


We extend our guests the warmest welcome and value the importance of feeling well taken care of, especially during a holiday. Kupaga is a home away from home for many of our guests and we are always thrilled to see people return - that's when we know we have been able to make an impact. Our staff is here to take care of every detail, make your stay unforgettable and to meet your needs with warmth and kindness. 

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