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It was the combination of white sand beaches, waving palm trees and Zanzibari pole pole culture with which we in love. Coincidentally the idea of opening up a hotel had started to form during our vacation and light jokes turned into serious conversations. Sitting there, we could see a place of tropical serenity where guests would come to relax and enjoy the hakuna matata way of life.

We fell in love with Jambiani because with its turquoise blue water and soft white sand, its beach is one of the most beautiful in all of Zanzibar. We warmly recommend getting a massage with an ocean view or to take a local dhow boat and sail into the sunset.

Jambiani and some of the surrounding villages are home to the Kupaga family, who are large and established in the south east of the island. We wanted to warmly welcome our guests with respect for and in cooperation with its local inhabitants and feel that our name is an expression of that mindset.

That’s where the dream of Kupaga Villas Boutique Hotel was born. We ventured our way into the unknown; building and setting up a hotel on this beautiful island. Construction started in June 2017 and by December 2018 we toasted to the fulfillment of our dream.

Zanzibar, more than anything, is a feeling. It is a place out of time and space where - willingly or unwillingly – you will relax.


Welcome to all of you, or as we say in Kiswahili,



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