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We offer tours and excursions across the entire island. We work with local cooperatives for the village tours and seaweed farms visits, and with official and licensed tour operators for all other excursions. 

We also offer taxi services; whether it's for an airport pick-up or an afternoon out to enjoy the sunset, our drivers will get you there and back in all safety. 

Below the most common tours and excursions are listed,
but we can provide you with assistance for any type of activity you'd like to do while staying with us! 
Please contact us for more information and pricing. 

Go back in time and immerse yourself in the rich cultural history Stonetown - a protected UNESCO World Heritage Site - has to offer


jozani forest

The colobus monkeys are not just incredibly cute, they are indigenous to Zanzibar and can be found nowhere else in the world. Discover them for yourself, as well as the amazing mangrove forest they live in 

safari blue

On this special boat trip you will not only stop at several breathtaking snorkeling sites, but also enjoy an exotic fruit tasting and a seafood buffet on a sandbank. Drinks and the latest professional gear included

jambiani village

Discover the small village of Jambiani, the local handcrafts, the cooking, the lifestyle, history and insights of the Swahili people welcoming you in their village

spice tour

Zanzibar is also famously known as 'Spice Island'. It has definitely earned its reputation. Visit one of the spice farms for yourself and immerse in the colors and smells with which the spice traders fell in love

seaweed farm

Zanzibar is the world's third biggest exporter of seaweed and it employs over 17.000 local women, mostly from rural areas. Visit one of the farms and learn first hand how they also use it to make soaps etc.

prison island

Named after the prison built to condemn and isolate Zanzibari citizens, the Island is now home to the infamous prison ruins and giant tortoise sanctuary

the rock restaurant

Famous for its picturesque views, we can arrange reservations for you as well as transport to and from the restaurant

kizimkazi dolphins

Snorkel in Kizimkazi, home of the grey bottlenose dolphin. We do insist that our guests treat the wildlife with the utmost respect and keep a certain distance as to not harass the dolphins 

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