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Jambiani is the absolute best spot to learn how to kite surf. While the wind is as strong as in Paje, there are much less kite surfers, which allows beginners to learn in a more relaxed environment or for experienced kiters to enjoy the beauty and serenity of the Indian Ocean. 

We work with professional kiteschools only. Feel free to check out Lucky Kite Kiteschool, which we warmly recommend. 

There is no place more relaxing and beautiful to get some exercise in and get in touch with your inner self than in Zanzibar. There are daily yoga courses at various locations within walking distance of Kupaga Villas. 



There are quite a few diving spots in Zanzibar and with water temperatures around 29°C, it's the perfect place for a casual dive or to get PADI certified. 
We recommend Buccaneers Diving Center, which organises all types of diving in a friendly and professional setting. 

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