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Karibu Kupaga

The Zanzibar boutique hotel for your

paradise holiday on the

white sand beach of Jambiani.

What makes Zanzibar the perfect honeymoon destination? 

Is it the romantic white sand beaches? The fragrant spices and history of Stonetown? Tales of a thousand and one nights and Zanzibar princesses risking everything in the name of love?

At Kupaga Villas Boutique Hotel we think it's all of the above and everything more. More than a romantic destination, Zanzibar is a feeling; a way to live life, a little piece of paradise we've made our own. 

"It’s a wow from me. This has to be one of best stays in my life, and I’ve done quite a bit of traveling. What I loved about this hotel was how welcoming and helpful all the staff was upon arrival, throughout and when it was time to leave. The room was super clean, the view is a dream."


—  Ryan, USA

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